Coronavirus Resources


  • Combat COVID - a newly developed NIH site that facilitates public participation in clinical trials to develop vaccines and treatments for the virus. Everyone is encouraged to volunteer. The public can use this site to learn about and register for clinical trials to develop new COVID vaccines, persons with COVID infections can register for trials for new treatments, and persons who have recovered from COVID can donate their plasma for research studies.
  • How many doses of the COVID-19 vaccine will your state receive, and how will the vaccine distribution be prioritized? A Kaiser Family Foundation report  (KFF) summarizes the details of each state's vaccine distribution plan.  A New York Times (NYT) article shows how many doses of vaccine will be distributed to each state by the end of the year, and how many people will need to be vaccinated. KFF read each state's vaccine distribution plan; the NYT surveyed all 50 state public health departments.
  • New Vaccine Distribution Tracking Tools have been created by the Washington Post and the New York Times, and a New York Times article using graphics and animation to explain how the vaccine will get from the pharmaceutical plant to you.
  • Comprehensive Guide to Face Masks from the Cleveland Clinic provides detailed information on topics ranging from why wear masks to how to communicate clearly when wearing them
  • Special Report from STAT health news summarizes what we have learned about COVID-19 in the past year.